Patient Resources

Did you know....

Taking more medications as you age is not a natural progression. Your physician should explain both the benefits and risks of your medications.

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a commonly misdiagnosed condition in the elderly.  Feeling tired or shaky, fever, or chills can be symptoms of UTI.

Falls are the leading cause of injury-related visits to emergency departments and the primary cause of accidental deaths in persons over the age of 65 years. Legacy specializes in fall risk assessment and prevention.  

Popular Senior Websites on Health Care:

Web MD:  Perform a search on any health topic and you’ll probably get a link on the first page. There’s good reason for that: their articles on health are authoritative (often written by doctors and geared towards the layperson).  

The Mayo Clinic:   Easy to navigate site on all things health-related for seniors. Get the “basics” on a topic or click on the “in-depth” tab. You’ll also find slideshows, videos and resources for further reading.  

National Institutes of Health Senior Health:   An easy to use site for senior health. Pick a topic by first letter. For instance, arthritis. Go to Rheumatoid arthritis and you’ll find the basics plus risks, treatment options, videos and links for further reading.  

Medicare:  This is the official U.S government site for Medicare.  Find doctors and medical facilities. Compare drug and health plans. See if that test is covered. Under “Care and Support” you’ll find topics ranging from smoking cessation to prostate cancer screening.  

My Optimum Health:   This site has many health-related articles, healthy recipes, nutrition and fitness.