To begin care

Please register online by downloading and completing our New Patient Packet. Fax it to 248- 650-1856 or email it to  You can also contact us by phone at 248-650-1800 with your questions.

 Initially our main focus is to get to know you and your health history.  

  • Your first visit with the doctor is considered a Get Acquainted Visit.  Bring your list of questions and use this time to get a feel for the doctor and to decide if this is someone you will be comfortable entrusting you or your loved one's health care to.
  • After we have sent for and received copies of your medical records from your previous doctors, we will see you to review it.  We will learn how you were diagnosed with current medical conditions and why you were originally started on every one of your medications.  This detailed Record Review assists us in developing your treatment plan and providing continuity of care.
  • It is now time for your Personalized, Customized Treatment Plan. Your doctor will now see you to set up a treatment plan.  

Lets talk about what you want and what you are looking for in your treatment and care.  We will also go over benefits versus risks with all your medications and make the changes together.  This will be customized for your current needs and wishes. 

Medications while transferring care

Many medications require ongoing refills.  And, it is possible to run out of your medication refills prior to your next appointment.  It is important not to miss any doses of certain medications. Please call us at 248-650-1800 for a refill when you have at least 5 days of the medication remaining to avoid waiting unnecessarily at the pharmacy or missing any of your doses.  If you have any questions about whether or not to continue a medication that has no more refills, PLEASE call the office and we will give you the proper advice.